• 2023.09.19

    “Chepu Sai” is an event held by the Ainu people to pray for a bountiful catch of salmon and saft fishing, and to give thanks for the blessing of the sea.
    This event is annually represented in Shiraoi and becomes popular to everyone. It will mark its 33rd time this year.
    For the Ainu people, salmon, which is called “chepu” in Ainu language, is the sacred fish. Based on the theme of salmon, in “Shiraoi Chepu Sai”, traditional Ainu dance will be performed. Participants can experience Ainu embroidery and play mukkuri, the Ainu people’s music instrument. Traditional salmon dishes Chepuohau (salmon soup) and Chimachepu (grilled skewers), etc are also for sale on the spot. Participants can also take part in an Ainu language quiz, a salmon treasure game and a lottery that is popular with everyone from children to adults.

    Location: Shione Square (333 Ishiyama, Shiraoi)
    Contact: 0144-82-7739 (Executive Committee/Ainu Policy Promotion Office, Shiraoi Town Policy Promotion Division)
    Date & time: 9:00-16:00 on September 24, 2023
    Access: Approximately 1 hour by JR limited express from Sapporo; 10 minutes by car from Shiraoi Station
    Parking: Available (150 spaces, free)