Shiraoi Fully Enjoyment Course (1 night 2 days)

Shiraoi Fully Enjoyment Course
(1 night 2 days)

This course is recommended for group and family trips. This is a satisfying and enjoyable course that takes you around famous spots which are unique to Shiraoi.

Day 1


Have lunch at a restaurant serving Shiraoi beef!

Amano Family Farm

It’s a log house-style restaurant located about 5 minutes driving from the Shiraoi IC on the expressway. Coming here, you can enjoy delicious Shiraoi beef (Japanese black beef) in a relaxed atmosphere. The high-quality meat grilled over charcoal is a special dish that you will enjoy the authentic, delicious taste of Shiraoi beef.

Stay about 90 minutes



Approximately 20 minutes by car


Learn and experience Hokkaido’s history in Shiraoi!

The National Ainu Museum and Park (Upopoy )

Coming to Upopoy, both adults and children can enjoy and learn about the life and culture of the Ainu people, as it not only has observation facilities but also a lot of content that allows you to experience. The entertainment held at night is also worth seeing.

Stay about 180 minutes

Image provided by: The Foundation for Ainu Culture
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Approximately 30 minutes by car


Relax at a hot spring hotel overlooking the Pacific Ocean!

Hotel Izumi

Hotel Izumi with natural hot spring water in the Kojohama area offers many staying plans where you can enjoy local delicacies.
There’s a park golf course on the premises. While deeping yourself in the open-air bath, you might be able to see deer!



Day 2


Approximately 10 minutes by car


Play, learn and relax here! Fun for both children and adults!

Nachu no Mori

Natchu no Mori, which is a reused site of an old junior high school, has become a popular place where parents and children can play together. On rainy days or in winter, we recommend playing in the “Asobino Hiroba”, a playing building renovated from the gymnasium, and the nature and science museum “Mori no Kosha.”

Stay about 120 minutes



Approximately 5 minutes by car


Have lunch with the high-quality cod roe, a specialty of Shiraoi!

Tarakoya Kojohama

The restaurant next to the cod roe processing factory serves exquisite cod roe bowls and cod roe pasta. In addition to cod roe, they also sell dried fish and seafood, so you can buy them as souvenirs with ice packs attached. They also offer domestic shipping.

Stay about 60 minutes



Approximately 30 minutes by car


Enjoy delicious sweets perfect for souvenirs!

Bakery shop Nanakamado

This shop is popular for its freshly baked bread that you can buy at a reasonable price. Besides its delicious bread, it is also famous for its award-winning cream puffs, cheese tarts, and chiffon cakes.

Stay about 15 minutes



You can buy delicious Western sweets made with carefully selected ingredients, from tarts and madeleines to sweet potatoes and apple pies here. The soft serve ice cream is also exquisite.

Stay about 15 minutes



On the way back, we recommend using the ExpresswayShiraoi IC.

A must-visit place to buy souvenirs unique to Shiraoi!

It offers a wide range of products from food such as beef hamburgers and cod roe to handicrafts and popular Hokkaido souvenirs. You can also enjoy coffee and delicious soft serve ice cream in the rest area.

“Shiraoi Challenge Shop”, which spreads the charm of Shiraoi.

Shiraoi Challenge Shop is located on the premises of Porotomintar.  There is a shop where you can buy souvenirs, mainly Ainu crafts, and a salon where you can feel free to bring your dog along.

Stay about 30 minutes