Shiraoi / Kojohama Hot Springs

Introducing Hot Springs in Shiraoi, Hokkaido. Let the sound of waves put your mind to rest and the luscious green soothe your soul. The spa overlooking the Pacific Ocean is one of the many hot springs in Hokkaido that offers abundant quality spring water. Take in the spectacular views and liberating sensation that makes you want to stretch your arms and legs. Soothing hot springs and exquisite seafood will heal both body and soul.

Activities and Experiences

A sensory journey to fully enjoy the delicious foods and nature of Shiraoi. "Irankarapte ("welcome" in the Ainu language)" is the greeting you will hear throughout Shiraoi, Hokkaido. The town is blessed with the sea, mountains, rivers, and lakes, not to mention abundant hot spring water that has great qualities, all of which offer a myriad of seasonal activities. Here we will introduce you to the many ways to enjoy the charm of Shiraoi.

Educational Travel Guide

We support educational travel to Shiraoi, Hokkaido. Please utilize the information to create your travel plans and courses.