Taking Beautiful SNS Photo Course in Shiraoi (1 night 2 days)

Taking Beautiful SNS Photo Course (1 night 2 days)

This course is recommended for couples and small groups traveling.
You can explore the beautiful places, delicious food, and rare things in Shiraoi Town.

Day 1


Delicious lunch and strawberry picking experience!

Tokuju Farm Restaurant KANTO

In addition to the must-try yakiniku, there is a wide variety of menu items that you will be spoilt for choice. Original sweets that is best to be finished within just 3 minutes are also popular. You can also experience the popular strawberry picking with advance reservations.

Sta about 90 minutes



Approximately 20 minutes by car


Wear ethnic costumes and take a commemorative photo!

The National Ainu Museum and Park (Upopoy )

A national museum filled with the history of the Ainu people from Hokkaido.
Inside the facilities of Upopoy, you can see explanation panels in Ainu language, hear Ainu’s folk music, try Ainu traditional clothes, and experience cooking Ainu traditional food (advanced reservation needed). The Chise that was built with the traditional residential architecture of the Ainu is also popular among visitors. You can have a tour inside this traditional house.

Stay about 180 minutes

Image provided by: The Foundation for Ainu Culture
(This image is for illustrative purposes only)


Approximately 5 minutes by car


Try sweets made of Shiraoi’s famous eggs!

Mother’s +

Mother Plus is a direct-egg-sale shop of an egg manufacturing farm in Shiraoi. Fresh eggs are sold here. You can also order delicious western sweets made of the fresh eggs, such as cream puffs and pudding, and take a rest at the inside cafe terrace.

Stay about 30 minutes



Approximately 5 minutes by car


Stay at one of the best resort hotels in Japan!

Hoshino Resorts | KAI POROTO

KAI POROTO, located next to Upopoy and Lake Poroto, is a very popular hotel both in Japan and overseas. All the services at the hotel are excellent, and you will be satisfied with the staff’s beautiful smile and warm-hearted welcome.



Day 2


Approximately 10 minutes by car


Meet horses that give you healing and power!

Horse Friend Farm

This is a farm where horses who have lived in various environments such as racehorses and horses raised for horseback riding are living a leisurely life. You can heal your soul and get to know the kindness and power of horses here.

Stay about 60 minutes


Approximately 5 minutes by car


Visit the second branch of a very popular cafe in Shiraoi!

Kinpen Cafe National Route 36 Store

The shop’s specialty crepes are all made with carefully selected Hokkaido ingredients, such as dough and fresh cream. With a wide variety of toppings, you can enjoy original sweets that are sweet and delicious, and filled with happiness.

Stay about 30 minutes



Approximately 30 minutes by car


Move west along the coastline of Shiraoi!

Nachu no Mori

From the skin care products that are good for your skin, mind, and body to the beauty care that makes use of Hokkaido’s natural blessings, all are popular. On sunny days, we also recommend taking a walk in the relaxing natural garden on the premises.

Stay about 120 minutes



Approximately 10 minutes by car


Have delicious lunch at a cafe overlooking the sea!

Kojohama Cafe

Enjoy pasta made with special cod roe or the cod roe bowls while looking out at the Pacific Ocean spreading out in front of you. They also have hamburgers and curry, so it’s good to bring your children along.

Stay about 90 minutes



Approximately 3 minutes by car


A filming spot for movies!

Kojohama Shrine

Kojohama Shrine, located on a hill overlooking the Kojohama area and the Pacific Ocean, is a popular photography spot. The sunrise seen from here is the most beautiful. We also recommend going down the stairs and heading to the nearby beach.

Stay about 15 minutes


On the way back, we recommend using the Noboribetsu Expressway Higashi IC.