Kojohama Seafood Road
Coastal Course

Kojohama Seafood Road Coastal Course

The “Seafood Road Coastal Course” is a 5km course that takes you through the hot spring village, and along the coast where you will find fish markets that sell seasonal seafood, dried fish, cod roe and many other souvenirs.


(1) Heartful Resort Villa on the Beach, Furukawa (2) HOTEL IZUMI

Enjoy uncirculated natural hot spring water and commanding views of the Pacific Ocean from the outdoor baths.


Kojohama Jinja (shrine)

Stay about 30 min

This is the location for the 23rd “Otoko Wa Tsurai Yo” movie and the scene in which Torasan used witty sales pitches to sell his neck ties.


Kojohama Tarako Kanbara

Stay about 30 min

Kojohama cod roe made with traditional taste and craftsmanship is absolutely exquisite.


Sakanaya Honpo

Stay about 30 min

Taste excellent dried fish made by utilizing the climate of Kojohama, and with secret and unique craftsmanship.


Tarakoya Kojohama

Stay about 60 min

Enjoy a delightful “seafood” lunch made with fresh seafood caught off the foreshore.


Ayoro Hot Springs

Stay about 60 min

Warm up your core at the “Day-trip bathing” facility that boasts 100% natural and uncirculated hot spring water.