Kojohama / Takeura
Hwy 36 Course

Kojohama / Takeura Hwy 36 Course

Try your hand at rainbow trout fishing, harvesting shiitake mushrooms from a log, bagging as much Kojohama cod roe as you can, and so much more that Kojohama offers. This course is 6 km round-trip.


Kojohama Spa Hotel

The spa here boasts 100% natural spring water. Day-trip bathing is also possible.


Nachu no Mori (Natural Skincare Garden)

Stay about 60 min

Pamper yourself in the beauty care salon, cafe, and restaurant, or outside in the garden that also has a playground.


Kikyohara Farm

stay about 30 min

The carefully grown shiitake mushroom logs are aromatic and delicious. Visitors can try their hand at harvesting the mushrooms.


Yamamoto Trout Farm

Stay about 90 min

Visitors can enjoy fishing for rainbow trout year-round. The fish that is caught can be prepared and cooked on site.


Tairyo-Banya Kojohama

stay about 30 min

This is the place to go if you are looking to purchase seafood for souvenirs. There is famous cuttlefish senbei, and the popular “all-you-can-bag cod roe,” where you try to stuff as much cod roe as you can into a bag at a set price.