Poroto Mintar

Shiraoi Station North Tourist Information Center


The new spot for buying Shiraoi souvenirs!

You can find all kinds of souvenirs, like local products that are sold only in Porotomintar and one-of-a-kind precious items made by artists in Shiraoi Town. Why don’t you try to find your favorite?

Original T-shirt

Poroto Rusk

Owl carved in wood

Shiraoi Koryu-sokushin (Social Connection Bus)
(nickname: Gurupon)

Take Gurupon and get around on the cheap and with ease!

Gurupon rides are of course possible from “JR Shiraoi Station” to “Upopoy National Ainu Museum and Park,” but can also be boarded to “Sendai Clan Manor” the “Poroto Mintara” and anywhere for 100 JPY a ride.
*Elementary and Jr. High school students pay 50 JPY, preschool children ride free.

Local city buses run every 15 – 20 min, and the city bus bound for Shadai district runs every 70 minutes.

*The bus is not in operation on closed days of Upopoy and between December 29 – January 3.

The bus goes near restaurants that serve famous Shiraoi beef and other Shiraoi specialties.

ShiraoiTown Koryusokushin Bus(Gurupon) Leaflet(2MBytes)

Board the bus from the door in the back, and pay as you get off at the front of the bus.

Poroto Mintar

Shiraoi Station North Tourist Information Center

Poroto Mintar is a new tourist base for Shiraoi, which provides information pertaining to nearby tourist attractions such as the new Upopoy National Ainu Museum and Park, gourmet and dining, experiential programs, rental cycles, and has a souvenir shop focusing on the local specialties and a kitchen for drinks and light meals.

〒059-0902 1-21, 1chome, Wakakusacho, Shiraoicho, Shiraoigun, Hokkaido
TEL:0144-82-2216 FAX:0144-82-4517
Business hours:
April-October: 9:00-18:00
November-March: 9:00-17:00
– New Year holidays (December 29th to January 3rd)
– From November to March, the shop is closed on Mondays
(the next day if Monday is a national holiday).
The Tourist Information Counter is open.

The outdoor restrooms are open 24 hours.

  • Information


    Some staff at the information counter are capable of speaking other languages. If you have any trouble please utilize their services.
    ◎ Temporary Baggage Storage 500 JPY/piece

  • Rental Cycle

    Rental Cycle

    Rentals are available between April and October @ 800 JPY/4 hrs (500 JPY/2 hrs). Use them to get around the neighborhood.

  • Playground Equipment

    Playground Equipment

    There is a free playground for children next to the Information Center.
    (Closed during the winter: November – March)

  • Challenge Shop

    Challenge Shop

    Trial shop corner featuring mainly businesses in Shiraoi. You may find a new taste you like.

  • Community Space

    Community Space

    Besides serving as a great place to take a break, there are exhibits of Ainu handcrafts that you can view up close. Free Wifi is also available and can be utilized to gather information on your smartphone.