• 2024.07.10

    Shiraoi Town, recognized as “Food Kingdom Shiraoi”, boasts a variety of specialties thanks to its rich nature.

    Shiraoi Beef, a representative ingredient of Shiraoi, is Japanese black beef and features deep richness and mellow flavor.

    Kojohama Cod Roe has been produced in the Kojohama area since the Taisho era. The finely textured grains are recognized for their reliable quality. It has become popular as gifts.

    In addition, Shiraoi produces a variety of other special products, including shiitake mushrooms, eggs, hairy crabs, surf clams, and so on.

    The second round of “Shiraroi Specialty Recipe Contest” is held from July 15, 2024 to August 20, 2024.

    Apply your recipes that use ingredients from Shiraoi and win the prizes!

    1. Who can apply:

    Those who live in Japan

    2. Participation fee:


    3. Application period:

    July 15, 2024 – August 20, 2024

    4. Prizes:

    Shiraoi beef (worth about 5,000 Yen) 1 person

    Kojohama Tarako cod roe (worth about 3,000 Yen)   2 people

    Hamburger steak (worth about 1,300 Yen)   2 people

    Porotomintar prize  (Ainu pattern small plate set worth 2,200 Yen) 1 person

    ※“Korajohama Tarako” is a regional collective trademark of the Iburi Fisheries Processing Cooperative Association.

    ※The photos of the prizes above are an illustration. Please also note that the contents are subject to change.

    5. Application method:

     Step 1: Purchase ingredients from Shiraoi (Shirai beef, eggs, shiitake mushrooms, cod roe, hairy crab, seafood, and processed products using these ingredients), and take photos of the products and stores.

    Step 2: Take a photo or video of a dish using the products you bought in Step 1.

    Follow Porotomintar and Shiraoi Tourist Association’s SNS (Instagram and Facebook).

    Step 3: Post the recipe, photos/videos taken in step 1 and step 2, and captions on SNS (Instagram, Facebook) with mentions and the below hashtags.

    *Hashtags: #Shiraroi specialty recipe contest, #product name, #store name

    *Mention: @ 一般社団法人白老観光協会 (Facebook), @porotomintar (Instagram)

    *You can apply as many times as you like as long as your posts meet the requirements.

    6. Judging:

    Judging will be based on the number of likes on posts and the content of the post. We will give away Shiraoi beef, Kojohama Tarako, Hamburger steak, and Porotomintar prizes in descending order of scores.

    7. Notes:

    7.1. Contacting prize winners:

    Only the winners will be contacted by DM from the organizer’s official account (@一般社団法人白老観光協会, @porotomintar) 2-3 weeks after the end of each application period.

    7.2. Winning recipes:

    Winning recipes will be announced on the Shiraoi Tourist Association’s SNS (homepage, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

    7.3. Shipping of the prizes:

    3-5 weeks after the end of each application period

    7.4. Number of applications:

    You can apply as many times as you like as long as your posts meet the requirements.

    7.5. Applications will be considered unacceptable for the following reasons:

    The submitted recipe or photo has been previously published.

    We cannot confirm that you are continuing to follow Porotomintar/Shiraoi Tourist Association’s SNS accounts at the time of selection.

    Your account is set to private

    7.6. Eligibility to receive a prize becomes invalid under the following conditions:

    The organizer determines that there was misconduct during the application.

    The DM we send to notify a winner  is undeliverable for any reason.

    The procedure for recipients is not completed by the deadline for replying to the prize notification DM.

    There is an error in the registration details for shipping the prize.

    The prize is undeliverable due to an unknown address, an applicant’s relocation or long-term absence, etc.

    7.7. Others:

    Please take photos of the store and products after checking with each store.

    Photos and recipes submitted may be used by the organizer with a mention.

    There will be no re-selection.

    Due to unavoidable circumstances, the shipping time of prizes may change.

    Prizes cannot be returned or exchanged, nor can they be re-delivered once they have been returned to the organizer by the shipping company.

    The organizer will not be held responsible for any damage caused by the customer after the prizes have been shipped.

    Resale of prizes is prohibited.

    8. Organizer:

    Shiraoi Tourist Association

    (Shiraoi Station North Tourist Information Center – inside Porotomintar)

    Address: 1-21, 1 chome, Wakakusacho, Shiraoicho, Shiraoigun, Hokkaido