• 2024.05.28

    After 5 year being canceled due to the Coronavirus pandemic, this year ‘Shiraoi Beef Festival’, the biggest event of the year, will be held this June 1st and 2nd.

    The venue of the event is Porotomintar, which is about 5-minute-walk from the north exit of Shiraoi Station. 

    Those who go to the venue by train will receive a ticket for a free ice cream at the venue. If you go by train, remember to get the ticket at the Temporary Ticket Gate at Shiraoi Station. 

    For those who go to the venue by car, please refer to the designated parking lots in the map below.

    There are 7 parking lots during the event numbered from ① to ⑦.  All of them are free parking lots. Please use them in the priority order as below:


    The parking lot ①、②、③ are the nearest. 

    The parking lot ④  and ⑤ are about 5 minutes walking from the venue. 

    The parking lot ⑥ is about 10 minute walking from the venue. 

    The parking lot ⑦ is about 15 minutes walking from the venue.

    Please refrain from parking anywhere other than the designated parking lots above. Parking on the street is a nuisance to the neighbors, so it’s not allowed. 

    For more details, please visit the website of Shiraoi Town below: