• 2023.11.10

    Shiraoi Town and Tsugaru city in Aomori Prefecture, officially became sister cities in 1981.

    Since the establishment of the sister city relationship, the two places have conducted active exchanges, such as apple picking tours, local specialty exchanges, and historical tours, to learn about each other’s history and culture.

    A tour from Shiraoi Town, which is home to Ainu culture, to the historical relics of the late Jomon period approximately 3,000 to 2,300 years ago in Tsugaru City, Aomori Prefecture, will be a journey that you will never forget.

    It is very convenient to take public transportation from Shiraoi Town to Tsugaru City in Aomori Prefecture. For sightseeing information about Tsugaru City in Aomori Prefecture, please refer to the official website: Tsugaru